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How to Make Money With Pinterest

Imagine combining the visual aesthetic of Delicious with the sociability of Twitter. Now throw in the organizational sophistication of Google+, with a pinch of Facebook integration, and you’ll have cooked up what looks to be the web’s most promising up and coming social media platform. Between the rapidly growing user base, the simplicity of the […]

Want To Watch Make Over 100k Month?

You’re tired of spending money on useless eBooks and courses that never get you anywhere. You spend hours searching the Internet for the holy grail that’s going to make you rockstar rich. I bet you’re even on those marketing forums trying to get advice. Well stop fooling yourself it’s not going to be that easy […]

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Link-Building Model: Link Pyramid

Linking building brings value to a webpage by creating organic traffic streams. As discussed in previous articles, this kind of traffic can be extremely valuable in the way it creates scalable income streams on a fixed basis, as opposed to the variable incomes of paid traffic. Since scalability arguable a strong competitive advantage for a […]

How optimized are Your Web Pages?

What are you aiming for? When our SEO Company was in its teething stage, website optimization was our core task. Because we know the effect of on-page optimization in search engines algorithms. Too often, we underestimate the importance of website optimization. The on-page tweaks that deals with interlinking, titles, descriptions and so on are equally […]

Understanding Paid Search Traffic

The easiest source of traffic to understand is Paid Search traffic. Its simplicity and effectiveness have made it a staple source of visitors for any traffic portfolio. However, because of its inability to truly scale, paid traffic is restrictive and dangerous in the way which it can be extremely costly if not properly tracked. Paid […]

What is Social Media Traffic Worth to Your Website?

While Social Media traffic is not quite the gold-mine that it used to be back in late 2000, it is still regarded as an extremely valuable source of high quality traffic. Between its ability to scale into a PPV pricing model, and to segment into extremely narrow demographics, social media provides a web asset with […]

How Print Marketing Can Aid Your Business Growth

Business marketing is a massive topic, and digital formats such as the internet, television and radio often dominate as the preferred choice for many companies. But I’d like to ignore the technological methods for just now, and discuss the beneficial power of offline marketing in the form of printed materials through business printing services. The […]

Why Most Webmasters Will Never Make Money Online

There was a time when many webmasters assumed all they had to do was build a site and visitors would “turn up”, thankfully most now realise that some kind of promotion is necessary for a site to become successful. However the myth about a website automatically becoming popular seems to have been replaced by the […]

Understanding Keyword Valuation

Keywords are the unpinning reference points that the web uses to index and organize itself. Through correlation and contextual referencing, search engines and spiders are able to understand the relevance of a page to a specific topic, and classify it accordingly. This means that all traffic fundamentally stems from keywords, with the volume of traffic […]

Creating a Website Brand Through Design

The design of a website represents its aesthetic appeal. Be it through clever programming, art work, or an engaging layout, design creates values for a website through its ability to produce higher quality returns from the user base. By establishing a brand of quality, and a sense of sophistication, users are more likely to engage […]

Asset Valuation (Programming & Design)

Despite the modern trend of building content-centric websites to satisfy the wants to recreational web-browsers, there will always be a strong demand for practical websites. Through the innovative abilities of designers and programmers to create new kinds of web functionality that allow users to manipulate and interpret data, users are able to realize real tangible […]

Tracking Web Initiated Conversations with Users

To close off the content-valuation section of this series, I’d like to discuss how off-line discussions can still be integrated into our model. As the web-environment evolves to include functionality for phone call, text message, and real time chat integration, we need to keep in mind how it is that these discussion venues can create […]

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