Your Website Gets a Thumbs Down From Google!

I found a great post today by Aron Wall which talks about Google’s manual reviews of websites. His post covers various aspects of your website that could get you flagged for a manual review.

What I took away from Aron’s post was:

What Causes a Red Flag

1. A high bounce rate – If your websites visitors are not spending much time on your website.

2. Traffic spike – You usually get 500 uniques per day then all of a sudden you shoot up to 10,000 uniques for a couple days and back down.

3. If your website receives a lot of traffic but the visitors don’t navigate through your website.

Keeping Your Website Safe

1. Always have unique content on your website that is written for the website visitor. The content needs to keep visitors coming back to your website and not just a “one visit stand” ( you like that – lol )

2. Quality signals such as strong reputable websites linking to you and sending you traffic.

Most of what he said seems like common sense to me but it’s a good refresher. Check out the full post straight from the horses mouth.

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