Yahoo Directory Worth The Money?

yahoo directory to make money

As most of you know a large majority of the popular web directories have been penalized by Google. Less and less authority is being given to web directories so submitting your website for review to them is almost worthless.

There are still a couple directories that should still hold value such as DMOZ and Yahoo Directory. DMOZ is free to submit to but it’s damn close to impossible to be accepted in a reasonable time frame.

Yahoo directory has a free and paid option. The same as DMOZ getting accepting if you submit for free is just about impossible. The paid option is 299.00 dollars per year and guarantees a review time of 7 days or less.

I normally wouldn’t submit to Yahoo directory because I am leery of the actual ROI of doing so but I decided it would be a good experiment. So I have submitted GuruCreation using the paid review option with the title “Make Money Online”.

The goal is to see if it will help push the website up a notch or two in the SERP’s. The submission may not even be accepted with the title make money online so I will have to wait and see.

Either way I will post back here in 7 days with an update on the submission process. Once approved it should take at least a few weeks for any noticable changes if there is any at all.

Dear Yahoo! Directory Submit Client,

The URL you submitted for expedited review url: has been received by Yahoo!. Your submission request has been assigned a unique ORDER ID: *********.

(Important: Please hold on to this ID number, as it is the only way we can track the progress of your request. Save this email for your records - do not delete it.)

Because you have opted to use the Yahoo! Directory Submit service, a member of our editorial team will respond to your submission within seven business days.

For more information about the Yahoo! Directory Submit program, please check the frequently asked questions (FAQ) located at

Thank you for taking the time to submit your site. We rely on users such as yourself to make the Yahoo! Directory complete and comprehensive.

The Yahoo! Directory Submit Team

UPDATE: June 04, 2008

The good news, GuruCreation was listed in Yahoo! Directory yesterday. The bad news, Yahoo changed the category we submitted for to one with a ton of out going links. So eventually the listing will be buried.

More bad news, Yahoo changed the anchor text and description text totally. I submitted the anchor text “Make Money Online” and they changed it to “Guru Creation”. I am not exactly sure why they did this because 90% of the listings in Yahoo use keyword anchor text.

Yahoo has an option where you can submit for a change in your listing but your listing has to be live for 3 weeks first. I haven’t seen any changes in SERPs and wouldn’t expect any this early anyway.

The page my listing is on was cached by Google on Jun 1st so I will help it out with a little “ping”. So I will post back here in about a week or so and let you know when I rank number one for MMO 🙂

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