Work at Home Stuffing Envelopes

It is not surprising that people rarely take the idea of work at home stuffing envelopes seriously. This negative view towards work at home stuffing envelopes is because it seems like an extremely easy way to earn money, which calls its credibility into question, as well as the fact that there have been lots of work at home stuffing envelopes scams in the past.

These scams usually trick unsuspecting victims by promising them an envelope stuffing kit and a list of companies who supposedly need to be mailed. Sadly, all the victim receives are instructions on how to advertise the same scam, which ends up tricking even more people out of their money, without offering any actual work at home stuffing envelopes opportunity.

Luckily for people who really want to work at home stuffing envelopes, there really is a legitimate business opportunity behind the concept. Stuffing envelopes for companies that can’t do it already has an intrinsic working business model that was only ruined in credibility due to the fast spreading of its scam counterpart.

To make it seem more business-like and professional and to disassociate it from scams when you advertise your services, work at home stuffing envelopes should be called Direct Mailing Services.

Direct mailing services is basically what its name says. You offer large businesses and corporations the opportunity to outsource their direct mailing procedures to you, so that they can focus more on aspects of their business that require their expertise. This makes it a form of Business Process Outsourcing.

Legitimate work at home stuffing envelopes opportunities is very different from its scam counterparts because of two things; one is that it can actually replace regular employment, and second, is that its not easy at all.

Unlike scams, which advertise themselves as very easy to do and would require only a fraction of your day, legitimate direct mailing services will need you to invest a large amount of time and patience, since no company is going to magically send you a bunch of envelopes and mailing materials as well as a list of addresses.

With direct mailing services, not only will you have to provide the mailing kits yourself, you will also need to get the clients using your own time and resources. There are two kinds of clients that will need direct mailing services.

First is large companies or corporations who need to outsource the mailing of their newsletters, correspondences and brochures to recipients. The second type is a company who sells products or services and would need to have their advertisements sent to a lot of people.

The entire envelope stuffing activity is the easy part. The difficulty in direct mailing services lie in getting clients and customers to hire you or enter a partnership with you. It requires the ability to market the service you offer to large companies and businessmen, which means people who have no verbal and selling skills will have a hard time succeeding in this kind of work.

Those that do have the required skills will find that a little extra work will make Direct Mailing Services so lucrative that the earnings will be more than a normal office work.

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