Work at Home Positions

Now that the technology is ripe enough to make telecommuting possible and commercially viable, opportunities to work at the comforts of one’s own home are popping up all over the place.

Even large companies that have large offices have started offering work at home positions to new applicants and long time employees. There are several advantages to work at home positions that are available to employers and employees. Here are the most common among them:

Employer benefits

• Employees with work at home positions will use up their own facilities, equipment, and resources instead of the company’s. This means savings in electricity, water, and maintenance of computers or any office equipment that they use.

• People who are working near their place of comfort will be less susceptible to stress, and will have more room to be creative. This means employees who work at home will not only provide more creative output, but will also be easier to work with and will not develop any hostility towards the company or his work. Office politics that usually leave companies less productive will also be greatly lessened.

• People with work at home positions usually settle for lower pay because they already save money on gas money or commute expenses, and will sometimes save money that would have been spent on corporate clothing. This means you can usually offer lower salaries for these applicants.

• Employees who are working in your office are technically the company’s liability. This means anything that they do, or anything that happens to them while at the company premises during office hours will involve the company.

People who are working at home will be responsible for themselves only, and being in the close proximity of their family means that these people are more liable to take care of themselves.

Employee benefits

• Depending on the type of work involved, employees with work at home positions have a more flexible schedule. Whereas some office employees need to go to the office at 9AM and finish their work before 5PM, a home employee is usually free to start working at 11AM if he wants to, as long as he can submit the job at the specified deadline.

• People usually complain that their work leaves them with little time for their family. With a home-based work, a person can spend his working day near his family so that if an emergency that requires his immediate attention springs up, he doesn’t have to go through traffic and apply for leave. In fact, with careful time management, he doesn’t even need to miss work.

• People who work at home will never have to deal with the long commute or drive to and from work. This not only saves a lot of money but also gets rid of a lot of stress.

This also has the added benefit of leaving a person free to dress any way he likes. Anybody who works in an office knows that enforced dress codes usually result in a lot of ill will so why not make money while online?

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