Work at Home Customer Service Jobs

Work at Home Customer Service Jobs

Many companies have already outsourced their customer support to countries where labor is relatively cheap. By offshoring, these companies have one thing in mind and that is the amount of savings they will have by bringing their business to a place where cheap labor exists.

But recently, these offshoring attempts have been thoroughly criticized by the companies’ very own customers because of language barriers that tend to frustrate them. That is why these companies are now offering work at home customer service jobs to local citizens to remedy the failed attempt of offshoring and to provide better service to their customers.

Ever since companies opened their doors to locals for work at home customer service jobs, the number of people that are interested in these jobs have been on the rise. The reason behind this is clear and that is because working from home does have a lot of advantages over traditional jobs.

This type of job is perfect for stay-at-home parents, retirees, and physically challenged individuals because it brings in income from their idle time. Working from home also makes commuting and lunch-out expenses nil. A less obvious advantage of working from home is the lesser amount of taxes to be paid for the business use of one’s home. Most importantly, working from home will mean more time for the family.

Companies also prefer hiring employees or independent contractors, as the case may be, for work at home customer service jobs. By offering work at home customer service jobs to locals, the quality of service is greatly increased.

The companies do even save on rent, equipment, and utilities. The good that these savings mean for the people who have work at home customer service jobs is that their hourly rate increases to as much as $5/hour when compared to traditional call centers.

Most, if not all, work at home customer service jobs require applicants to have the basic equipments to carry on with the job. These equipments will include a computer, a fast internet connection and a phone line. Of course, applicants have to be educated, be internet savvy and must possess excellent customer service skills to do their jobs effectively.

Training will be provided by the company after applicants pass a series of exams because traditional hiring process, including the submission of resumes and credentials, is still followed by the companies offering work at home customer service jobs.

It is a challenge to find a company that is hiring representatives to work from home but there are companies that indeed do so. It takes a good amount of patience and time spent on researching to find one that is currently hiring. The best resource to find legitimate companies hiring for home based customer service representatives is through online job databases and directly in the company’s website.

And since the traditional hiring process is being followed by these companies, one should not apply for the said position if he knows that he will not qualify for such. This move will not only waste one’s time and effort but will only add to his frustration of finding a legitimate work from home job.

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