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More and more people these days are finding out that weblogging can be lucrative. In fact, there are people who have quit their dayjobs and started to maintain work at home blogs.

These people, referred to as professional bloggers, have managed to pay their monthly bills and sustain their living merely by leveraging the content of their popular weblogs. If you are planning to start your own work at home blog, here are some key things to remember:

1. Don’t be too squeamish about promoting your work at home blog. A lot of novice bloggers feel like there is some sort of credibility about not doing actual promotion. This is not a good idea if you want to earn money from your blog. Promote, advertise, and get as many people to visit and read your blogs regularly. Otherwise, you should just keep a paper diary and lock it in a trunk.

2. Substance over style. It doesn’t matter how flashy or good looking your work at home blog is, if it doesn’t have much content to entice readers into coming back, it wouldn’t do any good. And with the way word of mouth works, every single visitor that is disappointed at your blog’s lack of actual content may tell another or a couple more people not to bother visiting.

3. Keep your blog layout good looking but maintain usability and readability for the benefit of the readers. The whole point of a weblog is to get other people to read the text on your website, but it’s self-defeating if you design your layout to have hard to read text color and font, as well as a complicated and very confusing navigation interface.

Try to imagine your weblog as a book. Nobody will bother with your book if they have trouble reading the contents and if they have to fiddle with a box, tied rope, and a keylock before they can even see the pages.

4. Content is king, but make sure the content you’re providing is GOOD content. When it comes to a work at home blog, a tenet that should be kept in mind is “Garbage in, Garbage out”.

5. In terms of content, try to keep it safe and wholesome. Offensive and shocking content may initially bring in a lot of visitors to your work at home blog, but it will also severely limit the amount of sponsors that will buy an advertisement for your site.

6. Try to get your own domain and host. For beginners, it may be okay to sign up with a free service provider like blogspot or wordpress, but if you want to take blogging seriously as a profession, you may want to invest in a good domain name and hosting. A lot of advertisers prefer blogs with their own hosting and domain because it means the owner has more control over his weblog.

A weblog that is hosted on a free provider may suddenly disappear if the owner violates the TOS of the provider, if the company experiences a problem or goes down, and a variety of other reasons.

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