Why Work From Home

Nowadays it’s really normal for people to stay at home to work rather than find a job in a big company and travel all the way from their houses for two hours of traffic, and then arrive at the office late for work. Why work from home, you ask? There are a number of reasons, and you would quickly realize that these really outweigh your justifications of why you would work for a corporation. Lets look further and discuss these reasons.

Why work from home, when you could find stability in working in a company, than by being your own boss? First of all, it does not necessarily mean that if you work in a corporation, you automatically get a stable source of income. There is still the risk of being laid off or retrenched if the company you are employed in is not stable enough.

Advantages of Working from Home:

1. When you work from home, you do not face that risk of being humiliated by a power-tripping boss, because you are your own boss.

2. You get to do what you want to be done without a superior hovering over your work or checking out on you every now and then.

3. You could also do your job whenever you want to, at your own convenience.

4. You would not have to stick to the strict deadline because you could set your own pace, depending on how urgent the work is.

5. Waking up early is not a problem anymore because you can start your day at any time you want as long as you finish your tasks at hand.

6. You also would not have to stare in front of your computer screen when there is no work to be done just to pretend that you are working.

7. By working at home, you would be able to do other things that would be productive for you, instead of wasting your eight hours of work in the office doing nothing.

8. When you get hungry, you can eat any time.

9. You could also watch the television or play some computer games when you feel a little tired from work.

10. When it comes to your work, you could also set your own standards and would not have to be reprimanded again in front of your office mates because you did not satisfy the boss.

11. You would not also have to deal with difficult colleagues that constantly bugs you about your life or plays really loud music even if everybody is focusing on their work.

12. Financially, you could be more in charge of what you earn and how you spend it because it would not have to pass to the finance department of your company. It means that you would get your whole salary, without any deductions whatsoever. Just make sure you pay your taxes.

So now, are you still going to ask why work from home? The answers are all here. However, if you are not convinced enough, you could try it for yourself for some time. Nothing beats your own experience. For sure you will not want to go back into your office anymore once you have tried working from home.

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