White Hat and Black Hat SEO

Any online business requires some form of marketing and advertising strategies. One of these is search engine optimization or SEO. Through SEO services (which you can get for a fee from experts or companies online), you can increase your web traffic to your site and leads or sales prospect generation.

Usually, search engine results are displayed according to ranks. This means that the first website has the highest ranking. Ranking depends on the search engine and the indexing method it uses.

Recently, search engine optimization methods are categorized into white hat or black hat. The latter is also known as spamdexing and is not recommended by SEO experts. Such methods may include cloaking and hiding keywords on pages by using the same color for font and background. Websites guilty of black hat SEO may be removed from the search engine’s index.

Most experts and companies offer white hat SEO services. White hat SEO involves creating search engine-friendly web content for Internet users.

One way to ensure that search engines will index your site is through keywords. There are many search engine optimization tools you can find online. Use these to help you find the keywords that would direct traffic to your site.

Another way to increase your search engine ranking is through links. You can include other related websites as affiliates and generate traffic from those sites to yours. You can also list your website in social bookmarking networks. Search for Wikipedia articles related to your online business and include your website as a reference. I’m sure these techniques sound very easy to implement, which they are, but they are also very powerful in getting your website more free/targeted/organic traffic as well.

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