Viral List Building and Product Creation

There are a few different ways to set up a viral list builder and one of them is using free ebooks Edit this text Ebooks are still very powerful if they are done well, especially in markets outside of Internet marketing online.  Even though it appears that free ebooks seem to have taken to warming the bench with all the new techniques these days.

Create a free ebook with your subscriber form on each page with valuable content. Encourage people to pass it on to their friends. Not a new concept…

Here is another idea to make this a more powerful option. Create a short report or product and sell it for cheap . Then find other businesses in your niche and sell them the resell rights for cheap.

When people open your ebook, they will have to register it first by filling in their name and email. Explain nicely to them that by doing this , they will get free updates and other special news reserved for your Customers only of course.

This way , whoever bought the rights to your book will sell it, and before accessing the product, all of those customers will have to register, which means opt-in paying customers to add to your list.

Giveaways or contests are another viral idea. This can work in any market as well .

Your involvement in the product creation process allows you to create your own free giveaways where you give away things (ebooks, cd’s, reports, etc..) of value to your niche market. You can bring in other businesses like yours (your competitors) to also give away your products for free.

Then everybody involved promotes it to their list and on their site. The people go to the giveaway site and have to register before they download any of the freebies.

This stuff isn’t brain surgery, and these ideas should definitely get you going with your list building efforts.

Other then that, link to your squeeze page anywhere you can. In discussion forums, on blogs, etc..

You can also use the articles that you write for your ezine as promotional tools.

List those articles in all of the article directories with your resource box linking back to your squeeze page.

Also, you can create HTML pages out of those articles and list them in the search engines as well.

The fact that just running an ezine means you will have content that you can give away for free to promote your ezine makes it a bit easier to get new subscribers!

Being able to give away something for free to promote your ezine makes it a lot easier to get new subscribers.  Running your own ezine is the only way to get this advantage.

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