Using Yahoo Answers For Backlinks To Make More Money Online

Many people have begun using Yahoo Answers to generate quality backlinks and make money online from their websites. This method isn’t exactly the fastest way to build good backlinks, and the traffic is not likely to blow you away, but they are still quality links if you do them right. The key is to go through a certain process, and then do it well. This article will explain how to do this step by step, and then suggest some alternative ideas to really amp up your backlinks.

The first thing you need to do is get a Yahoo account. If you already have a Yahoo account, that will be what you use to sign into Yahoo answers. Once signed in, you will then go to the search page and look for questions that are related to the article on your website you wish to link to. If you want to generally link to your website that is fine, but the link will not be as directed. It is best to link to a specific article that is directly related to the question that you are answering. This will also keep you out of trouble with Yahoo as far as looking like spam.

When you search the questions, make sure you choose to search for open questions. If the questions are already closed, then you will not be able to post an answer. Virtually every question known to man has been asked over there, and finding one that is related to your keywords should not be hard in the least. If you are unlucky enough to not find your keyword, then find a related one. Usually you will have many options at your disposal, so pick the best one.

Usually, you will find some silly questions that are obviously meant to be a joke. Avoid messing around with those because they are not going to bring people that are generally interested. Stick to the serious inquiries only. Once you find a good Yahoo question, take the time to write an intelligent and pointed answer. Many people spend hours on this, but that is not necessary. Give a basic overview of the answer, and then link the website or article “for more information” at the end. This is a great way to be allowed the link, while at the same time helping people. Others that look at the answer or question have an interest in your subject, or they would not be there. This means that you will get some clicks into your website from people that are interested in what your website is all about. That is the nature of a great backlink, after all.

Over time, the question may get voted as a best answer. When this happens you are notified and given points on Yahoo answers. This is good because you begin to build a following when you stick to your niche. Also, people are more likely to click your links if your rating is high, because you have the points to prove you know what you are talking about.

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  1. I have just heard of this method and going to try it. Answering questions is fun and the backlinks will be nice to have.

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