Using Video Marketing To Boost Your Online Business

Working for yourself is great for self-motivated people who are willing to work hard. Building up an online enterprise takes time and effort, but it’s worth it when you develop a strong reputation and get steady traffic to your website. Video has become a major form of web content, and if you avoid using video marketing for your online business, you could be missing out on a valuable opportunity. Even if you work from home you should consider making online videos a part of your marketing toolkit.

You know that if you want to make money online you have to get traffic to your website. It doesn’t matter if you sell products or services directly or if you work as an affiliate: you depend on lots of high quality traffic to your site so that you can make money. Video is a tremendously effective medium for educating viewers and for prompting them to take action (like buying the product you sell).

While the text and images you use on your website are extremely important, video opens up a new dimension to your site visitors. If you appear in marketing videos, your visitors feel as if they know you better, and when they feel comfortable with you, they’re more likely to purchase the product or service you offer. And you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to make great web videos. An investment of a few hundred dollars can work wonders.

You shouldn’t limit your marketing videos just to your website though. You can find any number of online video sites to which you can upload your video content. When you do this, you have the opportunity to enter keywords relevant to your video that will guide people searching for videos to your content. On some sites, you can set up a “channel” complete with a profile that can provide a link back to your website. You may be able to upload a transcript, and this can be valuable too, particularly if it contains the keywords you want to rank highly for in search engines such as Google.

With many of the video sites available for uploading your video, you can give people the option of “subscribing” to them. Those who subscribe to your channel will automatically be notified when you have new content, making it easier than ever to reach them.

Don’t limit yourself to just one video site. Use several. The effort of uploading your video to multiple sites is far outweighed by the added exposure video marketing gets you. As you build up a library of videos, you also build up a “brand” and a reputation for your business. When people associate your name and voice to your business, that association “sticks” in their mind. They come to visit your site regularly to see what your latest video is. Whether your business is selling kitchen products or training dogs, you have ample scope for making lots of great videos.

Video marketing is here to stay. With the cost of equipment and production as low as it’s ever been, people with businesses both big and small are taking advantage of this great marketing opportunity. Don’t be left out!

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