Use Google Coop Make More Money

The method described below will teach you how to use Google Coop to create contextual links on your websites. The end result will take a user to your Google search engine and you will be paid when a user clicks on an Adsense Ad.

First Things First:

You will need to create a free Google Coop search engine.

IMPORTANT: When setting up your search engine make sure you choose the option where the results are returned from your website only.

Forward March:

Since you have choose the option to only return results from your website you need to make sure that you have enough keywords and content on your website.

For instance if you have a website about making money online. You want to make sure you have at least five pages on your website that have the phrase “Make Money Online” in the content. I will get to why you need to do this in the next step.

Almost There:

Do a search on your Google Coop search engine for the keywords or phrases that appear the most in your content. Once again we will go with my example of “Make Money Online”.

Copy the URL of the search you just did for “Make Money Online”.

Make Da Money:

Now all you have to do is take the URL you just copied from your custom Google search engine and create a link in your content with it. For example I would take the URL for my search of “Make Money Online” and create a link with it using the anchor text make money online.

Now what happens is someone will read your websites content and click on the “Make Money Online” link. They will then be redirected to your custom search engine which will list a few Google Ads and links back to your website where the keyword make money online appears.

So the user will either click on a Adsense Ad that you will get paid for or click on a link that will redirect them back to your website. So you won’t lose your website visitor if they don’t click on an Ad.

You can sprinkle these contextual Google Coop Ads through out your website and create a nice little stream of income without looking like you have Ads all over you website.

Sorry if this post uses bad grammar or just doesn’t make much sense. I slipped a disk in my back and the paid meds are on over drive right now 🙂

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