Top 3 Questions Every Affiliate Needs to Answer for Guaranteed Consistent Revenue

Majority of affiliate marketers start the business with the main goal of getting consistent full time revenue so that they can quit their demanding job. Be advised though that you shouldn’t quit your job just yet until you learn the basics of affiliate marketing and take the time to build a firm foundation for your business. At least your job will continue footing the bills for you until you stabilize and get efficiently running revenue from your affiliate program. However, if you don’t get a consistent income in spite of spending all your time and effort in the business and possessing all the relevant knowledge, it might be time to ask yourself the 3 most important questions.

Do I have a subscriber’s list?
This is the last question you need to ask yourself. If you don’t build a subscriber’s list, you will literally be leaving money right on top of the table. If you are driving traffic directly to your affiliate’s website, you are bound to lose most of the visitors who didn’t buy from you as they will leave your website forever, never to return, now that they can directly go to your affiliate’s website. You should create a list of subscribers by having an opt-in form on your site where all your visitors can join your newsletter. This will give you a very perfect opportunity to do a follow-up on them and build a lasting business relationship. The next time you get a relevant product to promote and you inform them of it, they will be highly likely to buy from you this time around.

Was it targeted traffic, or simply traffic that I drove to my landing page?
It also goes without mentioning that you will need targeted traffic to your landing page in order to make revenue, and not just any traffic, no matter how much the traffic might be. Targeted traffic comes from the people who are genuinely interested in the information, services, or products that you have on offer. There really is no shortcut to getting targeted traffic to your site, you will need to work hard, invest your time, and money so that you can get consistent targeted traffic, which might as well translate to consistent revenue.

Just how profitable is the niche I selected?
As simple as this may sound, many budding affiliates don’t bother conducting a thorough market research before launching their business. Affiliate marketing has so many different niches but not all are lucrative. It is quite dangerous to assume that a product from any niche will sell well. The best way to go about it is to understand how the market is so that you can know how to approach the people on the market, and know whether they are willing to spend money in the first place. This you do by conducting a thorough market research. It goes without saying that no matter how much marketing and promotion you do, a non lucrative niche market will not give you steady revenue.

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