Three Key Reasons Why You Need Traffic To Your Website

Building traffic to your website is one of the most important things as a website owner. If you ask the vast majority of website owners why they need traffic, a great many could not give you a pointed answer. The obvious answer to why you need traffic to your website is that you need readers. Without someone reading your website material, you are essentially talking to yourself in a big online diary. Regardless of your mission statement as a company or individual, you are going to need traffic. Here are three key reasons why:

You Need Traffic to your Website for Money

Whether you are running your website for a charity, online revenue or as an affiliate marketing effort, you are going to need money. The vast majority of people are going to utilize some type of online money making ideas to generate money for their site or cause. Without traffic to your website you will be unable to raise funds in any form. This includes Google Adsense, charitable donations and advertising blocks alike. No one can click an ad or donation button without first seeing what your website is all about. Traffic on your website means clicks, donations and easy to sell advertising space.

You Need Traffic to your Website for Exposure

Getting your name out there is vital to furthering your cause. If you run a charitable website for saving the whales, then you are going to need exposure to whale lovers and people sympathetic to your cause. If you are wanting to get people to click on ads, then you have to have your name out there generating traffic to get the numbers needed to make a difference. The only way to truly build exposure is to build your traffic on your website. Every person that sees it is worth several others in the long run due to social bookmarking, sharing and word of mouth.

You Need Traffic to your Website for Authority

Being considered an authority on your chosen niche is the ultimate goal of most webmasters. Authority is often determined by page rank and placement on search terms in that niche. Traffic is one of the many “pie in the sky” parameters that Google and other search engines use for placement and page rank. That is the one thing that we know for absolute certain.

To be considered an authority on any subject, you will first need to prove yourself with traffic to your website. Traffic builds authority on many levels. It helps you to get better ranking and Google page placement, and that in turn means more traffic and authority back to you.

Your readers (traffic) are the gateway to your fortune or cause and the more you have flocking to your every word, the better off you will be in the niche. Authority is everything in the Internet world as most every niche has multiple options available to the average surfer. Authority helps them to choose you.

Regardless of why you are in business, these three key reasons why you need traffic to your website are keys to your success. Build money, exposure and authority and you will have Internet success beyond your wildest dreams and plenty of traffic to keep the circle going.

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