The Importance of Social Networking to Search Engines

Article marketing has become the favorite method for improving keyword position on the search engines.  Need proof?  Do a search and see the number of internet marketing tools available today.  To get ahead of the competition you really must to consider adding social bookmarking to your promotion plan.

Social bookmarking is when someone StumbleUpons, Google Bookmarks or equivalent your site.  The account holder is voting with their mouse that your post is worth looking at.  They are telling their followers that they should read the site.  I can’t get the search engines to say so but if hundreds of people socially bookmark your article – then they will like your blog post too!

You can see how Bing likes social bookmarking.  Instead of blindly counting back links to see if your web page is authoritative, the voting is humanized.  Each social site modifies their rules almost daily to make it more difficult to de-humanize new additions.   The more difficult to automate – the more likely that a person did the submission.  And real humans voting are what Googles are looking for.

To benefit from the new movement you want to implore your readers to Tweet your post.  Make sure it is as obvious as technically possible for them to submit your post to StumbleUon or Twitter.  Add the gadget in your WordPress site or on your Blogger site.  And make sure you Digg your own blog posts.  If you write a good post you should be willing to tell your followers they should read it.

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