Teens Make Money Online

It used to be that teenagers who want to make money online to support themselves or merely as a means to do something productive while on vacation had no choice but to apply for menial labor-intensive jobs such as fast food or mall staff. Times have changed a lot these past few years, and now a teen could make money online without the need for anything other than a computer, an internet connection, and some free time.

Some teens can make money online by doing freelance work. This works really well for teens who have a certain amount of writing skill or graphic design talent. There are many freelance matching services available on the internet, and even generic classifieds such as Craigslist could help teens make money online as they contain quite a large number of offers for freelance work.

Additionally, teens can also make money online by trying out products and giving their opinions or by answering surveys for different companies. There are only a few companies that offer these services in exchange for actual money, but they can be found if one looks hard enough. The easier to find ones generally give away product samples instead of cash.

Teens who have a journal can make money online by publishing that journal as an online blog and using advertising providers such as Google adsense to supplement their earnings. However, teens make money online from this venture only if their journal becomes popular enough. Successfully optimizing, promoting and monetizing an online journal can be really tedious and a lengthy process more often than not, but they can be done at the teen’s own pace and without any substantial financial investment, so there would be no reason not to try.

Teens with a natural flair for business or entrepreneurship could make money online by starting small-scale businesses such as selling handmade baskets or trinkets online or writing specialized content and selling them to website owners who need quality content. Some of the really talented teens have even found a way to make money online by shooting videos that they can sell, or broadcast in tandem with advertisements.

Teens should not be discouraged, and in fact, should be excited at the thought that the internet has made it possible even for those who have not yet finished college nor earned old family fortunes to strike big and become millionaires. The creators of facebook, myspace and even google were once teenagers like yourself, the only difference is that they found a means to utilize the Internet as a money-making venture and become the multi-millionaire tycoons that they are now.

In closing, teens shouldn’t be afraid and should embrace the internet as it allows them to make money online. The Internet has leveled the playing field and allowed people who used to be unable to keep a long-term job, to now earn as much money as a fulltime job entails without leaving the house. Good luck on making your first few hundred dollars online!

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