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The Internet has evolved and continues to evolve every day. New technologies emerge and old technologies adapt or die. The search engine however has remained consistent. Not only as a beginner’s tool for learning to navigate the Internet, but also as an essential tool for business, research, and even as a profession. The phrase “Google it” has become synonymous with finding information. It is the premiere tool used to search the internet and has embedded itself into our daily lives.

Millions are made and spent every day on the internet, and advertising is the key to it all. Thus the profession of a SEO expert (search engine optimization) expert; which essentially means getting your product into the top positions on the search results page. When someone clicks the search button, you want your site to be number 1, or at the very least in the top 10 results.

This is not a random event, or done by fluke, but rather a complex set of rules and policies that must be followed precisely to achieve good search engine result positioning (SERP)

Google for example, has many guidelines and rules to help you attain a top search engine listing, and to maintain it. This is an ongoing battle, and as your website becomes popular, there is always someone looking to beat you. Essentially, if you are newly crowned with a top 10 positioning on a google search, you can soon bet that someone will try to unserp your listing.

Search engine optimization is a science in itself with many aspects and intricacies to master. It is a complex topic with different rules for each search engine. MSN, Yahoo and other search engines use different techniques and have different requirements to their result and ranking systems. Google however is the largest and attracts the most traffic. This is because of their adsense and adwords advertising programs.

Google Adsense is an advertising program that allows almost anyone to serve targeted advertisements on their websites. Adwords is the advertising program that allows anyone to purchase advertising on websites. Google has the traffic and an immense advertising base of which to sell and show ads. It’s a perfect marriage for the advertiser and publisher.

Search engine optimization requirements and practices have spawned a SEO profession, which in itself has become a highly competitive and extremely specialized area. Individuals with the proper experience and knowledge can charge hourly rates similar to those of attorneys; however those that are successful can make fortunes for their clients. A good SEO professional can turn a non existent website from earning nothing, to thousands of dollars a day. In addition to increasing the earning potential of a website, they can also make sure the website continues to lead the rankings in the search results.

It is not enough to simply achieve a top search engine result, but to be prepared to react to a fast paced dynamically changing results page. Every day is a new adventure, with a mini game of chess going on. Your competitors make a move to take you out of the top spot, and you must react. Not only to regain top spot, but to push them out of the way, and to keep them away.

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