Super Affiliate Status

What’s a super affiliate? By my definition I would say it’s any one person who generates a minimum of 50k dollars in sales per month through affiliate marketing.

How do you reach super affiliate status? Well you have to bust your balls, if you have them that is 🙂

I don’t claim to be anywhere near that status but hopefully one day I can make that much from affiliate products.

– You want to see someone that is a super affiliate?
– Do you want to see the perks that a super affiliate gets?

Market Leverage has been all over the place the last few weeks. They are obviously in hardcore promotion mode. There have been more than a few blog posts from super affiliates that have received a “gift bag” from Market Leverage.

Talk about a smart marketing move.

1. Send cool free stuff to the the big dogs.
2. Hope these affiliates blog about it creating brand awareness.
3. Potentially recruit the supper affiliate to promote their products.

It’s win-win for Market Leverage they really can’t lose here. Notice how surprised/happy he is when he sees gifts for his baby.

This is marketing at it’s best here guys. Invoke emotion in your target audience and when feelings start getting involved money is made!

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