Sue Google and Win 90 Million Dollars!

David Almeida, a private detective is in the process of suing Google on the basis that his website was advertised in unwanted media outlets.

David signed up his company Bay State Detective Agency for Adwords in 2006. He wanted his ADs to only appear on and not the millions of other websites that Google advertises on.

David was under the impression he had the choice of choosing where his ADs would be served. David left the option blank for whether or not he wanted his ADs to appear on websites besides

By leaving this option blank you would assume your ADs wouldn’t be served on websites beside and you would not be charged.


Almedia Lawsuit Claim

“By redefining the universally understood meaning of an input form left blank, and then intentionally concealing this redefinition, Google has fraudulently taken millions of dollars.

The lawsuit was filed last Tuesday by Kabateck Brown Kellner who won a previous case against Google for “click fraud” with a 90 Millions dollar settlement.

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