Social Bookmarking to Make Money Online

For any website to succeed long term there are 4 main ingredients needed.

1. Unique quality content.
2. Well search engine optimized website.
3. Backlinks
4. Traffic

A few of these methods go hand in hand such as backlinks and traffic. If you have backlinks traffic will eventually follow because you should start ranking higher in the search engines for your target keywords.

In this blog post I will show you two free social bookmarking tools that will help you increase your backlinks through social bookmarking websites. Both tools serve the same purpose and I am showing you both of them in case one is offline.

The two bookmarking tools that will help you make money online are and

1. Visit the website and drag the “SocialMarker” button into your browser toolbar.

2. Visit the website or single page that you want to social bookmark and click the button you just added to your toolbar.

3. You will be taken to socialmarker when you will be able to enter a page title, link, text and tags.

4. Click the submit button and you are taken to the first social bookmarking website. At the bottom of your screen you can grab and paste the details for the page you are bookmarking into the form.

( You will need to register an account at each social bookmarking website if you do not already have one. )

5. Repeat this process for all 47 social bookmarking websites.

If you the page you bookmarked has good content you can expect to see a rise in traffic. Your page may even go viral if the content is good enough.

At the very least you just obtained some backlinks from authority websites which will help you in the SERPs and make money online in the long run.

Here is another list of social bookmarking websites that “dofollow” if you want to grab more backlinks.

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