Skype in Adsense Ads

I may be a little behind with this but I just found something pretty cool in my Adsense Ads. I was browsing one of my websites checking out the Adsense Ads when I came across the image to the right.

Whats different about this Adsense Ad is that the visitor has the option of clicking on the telephone number to call the advertise directly. This is a very powerful option for an advertiser if a visitor actually calls you.

Not only will you have the power of an Adsense Ad that redirects to your website, you now can talk LIVE to your customer! You have the ability to pursued the interested party to purchase your product or service in real time.

You can’t find a fresher or hotter lead than this anywhere.

To the right is another screen shot of what the Skype Adsense unit looks like when you hover over the flag. You have an option to change the county code.

I have not done any research on these Skype Ads but I assume the website publisher will be paid when the visitor clicks on the phone number as well as the title of the Ad. If this is the case this is going to be an awesome addition to Adsense not only for the advertiser but for the publisher as well.

This last image is what the Skype Adsense unit looks like when you hover over the actual phone number.

If anyone has any more information on how these Ads work feel free to chime in and let me know. As most of you know I was out of town for the last week and this is the first time I have seen Skype used in an Adsense unit.

EDIT: Well it took me about 2min to realize that I am half asleep. I reinstalled Skype last night and forgot that any phone number on any website is converted by skype into a link.

False Alarm!

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