Shoemoney Dumbest SEO Post Ever

Generally I like most of Shoemoney’s posts but this has to be flat out the dumbest post I have seen in a long time.

Shoemoney said that search engine optimization has no future. He believes that eventually website rankings will solely be determined by social voting. If you think search engine rankings are manipulated now just image if they were left up to a voting system!

I can think of 10 ways right off the bat to manipulate the crap out of a voting system so I could dominate any keyword I wanted.

Can anyone say Tor?

There will ALWAYS be a need for SEO. While search algorithm’s are getting smarter and more advanced they will always need help.

There are hundreds of thousands of website owners out there that don’t even have a clue about Meta tags or how to use them. Without SEO services to do even simple tasks like this search bots would be lost and potentially never properly index a website that has great content.

I could shoot holes in Shoemoney’s “theory” all day but in the end what I believe his post boils down to is great link bait. This is what makes great blogers right here people, so take note.

Create a story that is ridiculous and will create controversy. Now you have the formula for bringing in a lot of traffic and backlinks.

For the sake of keeping the tradition of great link bait alive I give you Shoemoney’s Dumbest SEO Post Ever.

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