SEO for Writers Online

You have finally decided to work from home. You have all the equipment ready. Your articles are ready to be published. Is there anything you still need to do?

Before you publish any of your articles and start making money online, you must know more about search engine optimization or SEO. SEO services can help increase the traffic to your website via search engine results.

Why do you need SEO Services? Apart from increasing web traffic to your site, SEO also ensures that your website is on the first pages of search results. This brings more people/visitors to your website! Some Internet users may be in a hurry. They may only browse the first few links that they see on the search results. Make sure that your website is one of the first ones that they see!

Search engine optimization involves researching and selecting keywords related to your business. You can use tools such as Wordtracker or Google Sandbox to help you in your research. Once you know which keywords will help drive traffic to your site, optimize your content with those keywords.

Avoid what SEO experts refer to as keyword stuffing. This involves using keywords several times in meta tags, titles, headers, articles, and alternate tags for images.

Keyword stuffing might make search engines treat your site as spam. Remember, search engine optimization is not all about keywords. Usually, using certain keywords five to ten times is enough for search engines to pick up your website. If you use the same words over and over, you might bore your readers and turn them off to the point of them leaving your site and never coming back.

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