SEO Do’s and Don’ts

Search engine optimization can definitely help boost the profits of any online business. SEO Services can increase web traffic to a certain site and contribute to many leads or sales prospect generation.

Keyword selection and research is one aspect of search engine optimization that is a must if you want to succeed. Proper or relevant keywords can be placed in articles, page titles, page descriptions, alternate image tag, and meta tags. Keyword stuffing is a common mistake according to SEO experts. Websites stuffed with keywords are often considered as spam and in the long run, spam gets us nowhere.

Keep web content and design consistent except for the keywords. This includes your domain name or URL. This aspect of SEO must also be considered because incorrect spellings can affect your search engine ranking more than you know. Also, make sure that your domain name is constantly available by not exceeding your bandwidth and by paying your web host on time. Such a simple mistake could cost you hundreds, even thousands in revenue, just because you forgot to pay your hosting fees. If you don’t know already – when you don’t pay your this fee, your site goes offline until you do.

Secure your website to ensure that confidential information or data are not included in search engine indexing. If possible, store the files meant for internal communication, separately. Publish news articles or press releases on specific dates, e.g. after certain events or public announcements.

Don’t put your search engine optimization to waste by putting up a Maintenance Page. SEO experts advise creating a mirror website instead of using Maintenance Pages. Doing so may affect search engine indexing of your site to the point of it being deindexed. Also, have a regular maintenance schedule which you can inform your clients and new customers at times that this will be done.

These are some search engine optimization tasks that you can do on your own. In case you prefer a more technical approach, you can hire SEO experts/companies. Just make sure they are legit and not one of those who send you spam mail. Ping websites such as, StumbleUpon, and Furl. Doing this will increase the chances that your site will be indexed by search engines and in turn bring you more website traffic.

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