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If you have an online business, then you know how important search engine optimization or SEO is. SEO services help drive traffic to your website through search engine results. The first thing you need are relevant keywords, which should be related to your online business.

Search engine optimization begins with keyword selection and research. Many tools are available in the Internet. Some of these are Wordtracker, Overture Keyword Selector Tool, Espotting Tool, and Google Sandbox Tool. Afterwards, optimize your site’s content with these keywords.

You can also use those selected keywords in other areas of your website such as page title, meta tags, description, alternate image tag, etc. But make sure not to use the same keywords in all pages. This may result in, what SEO experts call, keyword stuffing. Websites guilty of this may be considered as spam.

Individuals who offer SEO services advise against placing “Under Construction” pages in the website. This may ensure search engine indexing but it will drive away potential clients. Nobody wants to see a blank page. Websites that sell products or offer services usually have the following pages – Homepage, About Us, FAQ, Products, Services, and Contact Us. Slowly build your site by updating these pages. If you’re not ready to publish certain pages, don’t include them.

Another way of increasing web traffic via search engine optimization is through links. Check the internal links of your website and make sure that they are all functional. You can also advertise your site in social bookmarking websites such as, StumbleUpon, and Furl. Doing this will increase the chances that your site will be indexed by search engines and visited more.


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