SEO being Trademarked!

This is one of the funner things I have come across today. A guy named Jason Gambert has applied to trademark the term “SEO”. It’s only about 300.00 dollars to apply for a trademark and go through the review process.

Jason claims he will “clean up” the dirty world of SEO by setting guidelines that must be followed by those who use the term SEO. Jason has already tried to contact a few of the big dogs in the SEO industry such as SEOmoz, Web Pro News, Search Engine Watch and SE Roundtable.

I’m sure they had a good laugh as well seeing how two of them have the term SEO in there domain name. I don’t think Jason believes he will be awarded the trademark of the term SEO.

What he has done is create great link bait that will get a lot of attention. Hell, I’m blogging about it right now so it’s working 🙂 If you want to check out the full story on this fool get it here.

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