Search Engine Optimization Testimonials

Testimonials have been getting unfair raps these days, particularly because more and more people see how easy it is to make a testimonial praising their own site or the services you provide. Websites can even create testimonials and attribute them to unsuspecting people, as what happened to the woman who accidentally stumbled upon a photo of herself next to a testimonial for the diet pill Metabo-Speed XXX. That resulted in a big mess, but that discussion is for another day.

However, the usefulness of testimonials can never be fully underestimated especially since there is also a fair share of honest testimonials out there. If you are looking for a reputable SEO company to help you make your site achieve higher rankings in search engines, do not discount the ability of SEO testimonials to help you choose the right SEO.

In choosing a good SEO, it is recommended that you get at least 3 quotes from three firms and make sure that the testimonial has a link to the person or the company that created it, so that you can contact the source yourself and verify if the testimonial is legitimate or not.

A reputable firm is more likely to have more testimonials compared to one that is just starting up or one that has a reputation that leaves much to be desired. If you are not content with the testimonials posted on the SEO’s site, you can try doing a little digging yourself by going to any webmaster forums or message boards and ask around. People are bound to know if an SEO company or business is any good, especially if they have experienced working with this SEO in the past.

By all means, never take a testimonial for granted any way you look at them. Always do your research before sending anyone any money for a particular service you’re interested in. Shoot, this goes for both online and offline services.

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