Search Engine Optimization Tampa Florida

Is page rank really that important anymore? Some would argue that it is, while much now popularly believe anything related with PR and Page Rank has fallen through the floor.

Page Rank is a way to gauge how your website or blog may rank in Google search engine. The higher our PR, the higher you might be ranked for your various keywords and terms you have optimized your webpage for. All new websites start with an N/A ranking. This will then be boosted as Google search engine spiders and bots recognize your website as it is being updated with new content on a regular basis. The best way to build Page Rank, as far as most gurus of SEO are concerned, is to build up links to your website. This might be done naturally, but it will take a very long time to get any links if you aren’t actively promoting your website or blog.

Most bloggers attempt to build links by commenting on other blogs. While in some cases, this may work, many blogs use tags so that search engine spiders don’t follow others’ blogs. This keeps the spiders on their website where they will get more hits on their specific keywords. For those that modify this tag to do follow, Google search spiders may give penalties. Google has become an authority in the internet world and to go against their rules may lose a lot of traffic for their website or blog. This can make link building to gain PR very difficult.

Some use directories to build up back links to their website. While it is a very effective way to build links and potentially be able to build up PR, it isn’t always effective, and the time put into building the links can be massive. Finding trust worthy general search engine friendly directories can be a problem, as well. Some directories may hide a direct URL, meaning it is absolutely of no use to your website. For those wanting to skip the time needed to do this, you may think about purchasing someone’s services to do this for you. While it is timely, it may not always be cost effective and the directory submissions may not always be correct.

In the end though, it all comes down to whether PR is really all that important. Is Page Rank necessary for your website to be successful and profitable? Absolutely not. There are thousands of websites that make hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month without an ounce of Page Rank on them. Many argue it doesn’t matter how many back links you have to your website. If you don’t have quality, niche related links, you won’t ever get quality, keyword related traffic from Google, let alone any other search engine. Page Rank may be important for a few types of webmasters though. Those depending on selling links to make money need Page Rank. They only sell links to those who still believe Page Rank is really that important. That is certainly something to think about.

Search Engine Optimization Tampa Florida

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