Ranking for Tough Keywords

This is in response to our first Skribit question “How do you rank 38th for make money online” already.

To be honest I had no idea we did and didn’t expect to rank that well so fast. It’s been about two months now since Janel and I started building backlinks.

We really haven’t had a chance to do much besides distribute two PressReleases and about 10 – 15 articles. Of course we do have a special technique we use that has always worked well but obviously we can’t go much further with that.

The good news is that we do offer the same exact service that we personally use to you. You can find the link right above this post labeled “SEO Service”.

You have a few options some include Press Releases and some without. There are also monthly subscription options which is what I suggest for those with long term SEO goals.

Anyway my sales pitch is over so I will give you a few tips. Onpage SEO plays a much bigger factor that many will lead you to believe.

1. The most important Meta tag is your “Title” tag. Make sure your main keyword phrase is in there.

2. Your description needs to be written for humans and make sure you don’t stuff it with keywords.

3. H tags especially the H2 tag seems to have a good amount of emphasis put on it.

4. The last text on your web page that the search engine reads should be you main keyword phrase in bold font.

Now these “tips” are nothing new or ground breaking. These are very basic SEO techniques that every webmaster should be using.

Fresh content or a regular basis, good onpage SEO and a smart link building strategy will have you on your way to ranking well. Now all that you need to patience and a little luck 🙂

Soon enough you will be rolling in the big bucks and the one telling me how to make money online.

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