Quick Easy Way to Make Money Online

OK, here is another easy way to make money online. This method can make you a little bit of money or a ton depending on how far you take it.

First thing you need is a product to sell. I know what your thinking, great I don’t have any coding skills and I suck at writing. Well don’t worry friend because so do I!

PLR or Private Label Rights: These are products you can purchase or even find for free online that you are allowed to edit and call your own. This means you can change the text, images, put your name as the author or anything else you would like to do.

Let’s find some free PLR products first. I did a quick search on Google and this is what I found.

You will see a ton of offers that are giving away free PLR items. Now to get them you are usually required to enter your email address. If you don’t want to be bothered with offers just use a junk email address.

Once you have the product which is most likely an eBook or report it’s time to proof read it. While you are doing this make some changes to it and make it your own. You may even want to add your affiliate link to a product that fits with the niche of the eBook.

Here’s where you need to make a choice on how far you want to take this. You can take what you have right now as is and start promoting it or you can create a whole sales page to help you out.

Generally you will make a lot more money if you have a good compelling sales page and pretty graphics. Your product will sell much better if you have a good layout because people associate that with the quality of your product.

You can get a good looking “Mini Template” for 100.00 – 200.00 dollars depending on where you look. A mini template should consist of the sales page layout, header, footer, eBook graphics and order button.

Now you need to either write the sales copy yourself or outsource this as well. You can find a decent sales copy writer for 200.0 bucks if you dig around the Internet.

Where and how to promote your eBook so you can start making money online.

– Adwords of course is an option but you need to make sure you know what you are doing. You can lose your ass if you don’t have experience or are fully prepared.

– Blogging: Create a blog and make regular posts about the niche of your product and have an image or link to your sales page on the blog.

– Giveaway: Write a short report about the niche of your eBook and give it away through an option form. Now you can upsell your optin list through an autoresponder.

– Forums: There are many forums that have buy and sell subformus that are very active. I have personally made over seven thousand dollars from one eBook in two weeks just through a single forum!

– SEO: Good old fashion search engine optimization of your sales page will eventually bring you a decent amount of natural traffic.

– Social: Use social bookmarking websites to drive traffic to your sales page.

– Video: Create a viral video using software like Camtasia and upload it to social video websites. You can even drive traffic to your video by social bookmarking it.

So there you have it.

This is a quick easy way to make money online and anyone can do this. One thing is for sure, sitting on your butt doing nothing won’t make you money online!

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