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When looking into building a website, your first one, you will need to observe all the techniques needed to build one. Do you know how to code your website? Do you need a template with graphics already made, or can you make and insert graphic designs on your own? Do you know what SEO and SERPs are? This last one is a tricky question that any new webmaster will face whether or not they are aware it exists. One actively pursuing it may have certain benefits over those that don’t, but is it really that important for a new webmaster’s first website?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This basically means you will be making all your content and be designing all your websites to be built around doing better in the SERPs, the search engine ranking pages. Search engines, like Google, can be a traffic goldmine for those that know what they are doing. Most new people just taking their first baby steps into being a webmaster will not know what SEO is, let alone how to do it. While it is one thing, a webmaster wanting to make a successful website or blog may want to eventually know, in the beginning, it may be a hindrance in their ability to create a real website.

A website comes down to the content within the packaging. A “SEO’d website” is kind of like having a little extra add-on that you’ve built onto the content. This extra add-on takes time and effort to perfect. It will be up to a newbie if it is actually worth it to put in that extra time and effort needed to successfully SEO their blog or website to get better rankings within the Search Engine Result Pages.

There are problems with beginners learning SEO. Many times, a new webmaster may not know where to look to get practical advice. The internet is full of information on search engine optimization; however only so much of it is truly relevant to what you may actually need. Finding all the information you need to optimize your website isn’t as easy as one-two-three. SEO is a huge topic, and there have been thousands of websites (mostly blogs) that are there to help an SEO noob out. All this information can be distracting, and be a big problem for the main part of your website – the content.

There is nothing more important on your website than its content. No matter how much SEO work you do, you might get the hits, but it will just be bounced right back to where it came from if the content on your website are things the users already know, don’t care to read about, or just isn’t intriguing enough. While I feel most new webmasters should certainly know what SEO is, I don’t recommend they become religious to its rules. Content should be your first of focus, and from there you might be able to start building up natural traffic, natural links, and natural SEO from well written content.

Search Engine Optimization

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