PPC – A Beginners Guide

If your goal is to get highly targeted website traffic as quickly as possible, the best solution is pay per click advertising. This method of advertising is hard to beat for getting instant website visitors who are also likely to by buyers of your product or service. However, if you are to get into PPC, achieving a high level of success and get the most out of your campaigns is not just about bidding higher than your competitors for a better ad placement, it goes way beyond that.

It’s possible to get lots of traffic and make money with PPC, but first you have to do the proper research so you can plan campaigns that will work for you. If you jump in before you do adequate research, you risk wasting time and losing money on ill-planned campaigns. The following tips will help you spend less and earn more in your PPC efforts.

One thing you must do if you want your PPC campaigns to do well is keyword testing. Testing is actually the one practice that can make the most difference in your PPC campaigns. It’s necessary to do both split testing and keyword testing for your ads. In order to get a good ROI from your campaign, you need to find the right keywords for your targeted niche. Your keywords have to be targeted to exactly the right people who are most likely to buy your product.

To come up with keywords, put yourself into the place of your customers; what words or terms would you type into a search engine if you needed a certain item or type of knowledge? Your keyword research can be speed up up by using one of the keyword tools that are available online for free. When doing keyword research, you are mainly looking for words or terms that many people are searching for with not too many competing websites. You will find that some keywords have either too much competition or insufficient search volume to be worthwhile. Once you narrow down your keywords, you have to test them and find out which work best.

Always include at least one product/service benefit in your pay per click ads. Highlight this aspect to increase your click through rate. You’ll find a still better CTR if you include benefits in your ads. People generally respond better to ads if it makes them feel like they can get an incredible deal on something.

Google Adwords is by far the largest PPC service; don’t, however, only advertise with them. If you want to get the same keywords at much lower bids, try out some of the lesser known search engines offering PPC. So don’t close your options, and experiment with various other services.

You can find advertising based on a similar model with Bing, Yahoo and even Facebook many of the basic principles apply with these but obviously there are technical differences. ¬†Remember to check localization, you can target your adverts to specific countries but make sure there’s a market there first – for instance if you were looking at German customers, connect through a German proxy first to check the competition in the search engines.

Overall, PPC advertising is all about taking calculated risks. You can still make a lot of money with PPC, but be smart and learn from the experts and follow their advice very closely.

Don’t just rely on PPC thought, successful Internet marketers use all the resources at their disposal, PPC is yet another tool and one that can be combined with SEO tactics for instance to gain free traffic through higher search engine rankings.


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