Power Blogging

“Power Blogging” is a term I use when I am looking to create a bunch of unique hot topic blog posts really fast.

The reasoning behind “Power Blogging” is so I can establish my blog as an authority in it’s niche quickly and have it making money online fast.

– How I “Power Blog”

1. First thing I do is head over to iGoogle and create a fresh account.

2. Now I visit all my favorite blogs or authority blogs in the niche that I am targeting. The purpose of this is grab their RSS feed.

3. Take the RSS and punch it into the iGoogle reader so it displays on your iGoogle page.

a. Click on the “Add Stuff” link in the almost upper right hand corner of the page.

iGoogle make money online

b. Middle left hand side of the page you will see “Add feed or gadget” URL. Click on it and add the RSS feed you just found.

add money online feed

By this point you should have about 15 RSS feeds displayed on your iGoogle page that about the niche of the blog you have created. Now it’s time to get some quick ideas for content to Power Blog about.

4. Visit one of the blog posts by clicking on an RSS feed. Read the post and take note of the key points of the post. Repeat this process again for a second RSS feed you have found.

5. Now you should have a few really good ideas for creating a blog post of your own. So head over to your blog create a 100% unique post based of some of the ideas you came up with.

6. Wash rinse and repeat 10 – 15 times per day.

This may seem like a lot but once you get 500 – 600 fresh blog posts that are about topics people want to read watch your traffic shoot up. This is the whole point of power blogging.

Establish yourself as an authority in a niche, increase your traffic and monetize the crap out of your blog. You should be making money online with your blog relatively fast by Power Blogging.

*Make sure you are not copying the content from the blogs you visit. The content is ONLY to be used to give you ideas to write about. Copying a websites content is illegal and will only hurt you in the long run.

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