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Survey Scout is another great paid to complete surveys program by Richard Saulsbury.

You most likely won’t be driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini just from completing surveys. What you will be able to do is add a lot of cushion to your current finical status. If you are living pay check to pay check or just want to find a better way to make money this may be for you.

Below are so of the payouts and tasks you can complete to make money with Survey Scout.

1. Make money for taking online surveys and get paid from $5 to $75 each, or more.

2. Make money to participate in focus groups and get paid up to $150 an hour.

3. Make money to take phone surveys and you can get paid as much as $120 an hour.

4. Make money to try new products and keep the free products too.

5. Make money to preview new movie trailers for $4 to $25 an hour.

As you can see from the above figures you can easily make a very handsome full time or part time income depending on the amount of time you can devote. If you are willing to put in the effort the money is there for the taking.

Check them out here:

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  1. It will be hard to rely on paid surveys for a stable full time scenario. You never know when surveys will be delivered to you and how much each would cost.

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