Paid Directories Suck

For the record yes I did own a “paid directory” at one point and it has turned free.

The only reason I now say the paid directories suck is because Google managed to devalue just about every paid directory that was worth submitting to. Let’s take a peak at a couple that were at one time worth their price. Once upon a time this was a strong PR6 directory that was well indexed and ranking high. Present date it’s been bitch slapped by Google with a few penalties including but not limited to PR0. I think Alive made it up to PR7 at one time and has not been given a fat PR0. Alive use to have a great Alexa rank but since it’s fallen out of the SERPs so did the traffic.

That’s just two examples of hundreds maybe thousands that have been devalued in one way of the other. So for right now the way things look I don’t recommend submitting to paid directories.

There are thousands of free directories out there that you can submit to. Just remember to vary your anchor text that’s very important!

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