Pagerank SERP Penalties

Considering that today is the first Google Pagerank update for 2008 I feel it’s a good time to get a few things straight.

Things are definitely changing in Google’s infer structure as far as SEO and Pagerank go. Google has decided to manually penalize some websites as a result of their link building techniques.

Some believe these penalties are a result of acquiring to many natural backlinks to fast. Others say the penalties are brought on by purchasing backlinks. What ever the case is the end result is the same. A website the has dropped in SERPS or taken a hit to it’s Pagerank.

Now personally I could less if my Pagerank dropped or went up. Pagerank wouldn’t effect my network of websites one way or the other. It’s a brand created by Google that is “supposed” to be the all mighty judge and determining factor of the quality of a website.

I will admit in the past in most cases it was a good tool for showing the amount of work that went into a particular website to develop it. In the past Pagerank was determined by the amount of backlinks a website had. Backlinks are generally acquired one of three ways.

1. First way is webmasters would purchase backlinks.

2. Second creating link exchanges either reciprocal or three way.

3. Third link baiting.

Out of the three methods above the only method that won’t get your Pagerank shot down or SERPS blasted to page ten would be link baiting.

Here is my problem with the whole Google penalties. I don’t see how buying backlinks, reciprocal or three way linking to boost your websites traffic, credibility, SERPS, and brand awareness could be a bad thing?

Why would a website be penalized for spending money or time for creating backlinks in a effort to essentially make it more successful?

I know what some of you are thinking… These websites are manipulating the search engine results by creating backlinks using those techniques. That is just flat out B.S in my opinion.

Google created this monster and these are the methods that allow a website to gain better search engine ranking and Pagerank in their engine. So why are you now going to penalize a website for following your blueprint?

All that being said this might not be a bad move. Maybe a websites SERPS and Pagerank will be determined by the quality of the content. If Google expects webmasters to ever take Pagerank seriously again this is what needs to happen.

An official press release that describes what factors are taken into account to determine a websites Pagerank. If it’s the quality of the websites content that determines Pagerank just let it be know.

Lastly you can’t manually penalize just a select few websites for buying or selling links, it’s all or none. There needs to be a standard across the board that applies to every website.

Until this happens I don’t think any knowledgeable webmaster can take Pagerank seriously. The only way I see to determine a websites quality now is by manually reviewing it’s backlinks and content because Google sure can’t do it.

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