No Skills and Still Making Money

What I am going to talk about now is one the methods I used to make money online when I first hit the “Internet Scene”.

Basically when I started I had no skills and no real direction. I visited popular forums often and read and asked questions often. One of the thing I notices was that the people that were making real money online where the one’s that where offering a service.

But that wasn’t much good to me because I didn’t have any “Internet Skills” – or did I?

One day across a website called If you aren’t familiar it’s a website where you can offer your services or request a service.

One thing I notices is that a lot of people where asking for websites to built or designed. There were also a ton of replies to these requests people were offering their services.

The rates people where charging for their service seemed awfully low to me and they were. It’s because a lot of members of Scriptlance of from other countries such as India.


This is What I Did:

I had some brochures created at for my “website design and creation” business.

I then went to all the local business in my area and asked them if they had a website for their business yet. If they said no I gave them a pitch about how much money they are missing out on and handed over my brochure.

Within a couple days I was receiving calls requesting quotes. So I headed over to Scriptlance posted a job that included all the details the potential client wanted and check back in a day or two.

When I felt like I had a good idea what it would cost ME to have the website built I would call back the potential client with a quote. Sure enough the orders started rolling in and all I had to do was outsource the work and collect the check.

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