Niche Marketing

Many people make the mistake of targeting a niche that is to wide. While the potential to make money may be great the competition is gong to be fierce.

If you are new to Internet marketing and SEO targeting a large niche could be your downfall. In order to dominate a large niche you need to be a master of search engine optimization and marketing techniques.

The great thing about small niches is that there is much less competition and ranking well for your keywords will not be as difficult.

How to find a small niche that will make money online.

Free Tools

Wordtracker – This is the free version of Wordtracker that will help you find niches to target.

Google Keywords – Google’s Adwords tool will help you find keywords that are searched for and give an estimate search volume.

Is You Niche Good?

A small niche that will make money online is one that has low competition and a good amount of searches per day.

To check the competition of a keyword phrase we will go to Google and type in:

Keyword – Take note of the total number of results. I like to keep this number under five million.

allintitle:Keyword – This number should be under or around 10 thousand. This represents the number of websites that are using your keyword in the title of their webpage tag.

allinurl:Keyword – This number represents the number of websites that have your keyword in their domain name. The number here isn’t to relevant but having the keywords in your domain name helps you rank higher.

Last Step

The last thing I like to do is type my keyword into Google and see if there are a good number of Adwords campaigns running. What this tells me is if my niche is going to be profitable.

If a niche is not profitable you won’t find any Adwords campaigns running. So in this case competition is good 🙂

This was just a quick and dirty guide on how to find a niche to target. There are a lot more steps you can take but this is the gist of making money online with niche markets.

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