Moving on Up “Make Money Online”

Well, it’s been just over 2 months since Janel and I started targeting the keyword “make money online”. We haven’t done anywhere near as much SEO and article distribution as we would have liked due to the amount of work we have had.

I am a little surprised at how well we are ranking for the keyword phrase make money online. Before the PageRank update we were around 550th on Google, during the update we moved to 38th and now that the dust is settling we are at 26th.

As we all know Google SERPs are always fluctuating so we will see if this sticks. Hopefully we can keep pushing forward and hit the top ten which was our six month goal. It looks like we might get there a lot faster 🙂

This ranking was achieved purely from writing high quality unique content on a regular basis and using our article distribution/press release service.

Article marketing works if it’s done on a large scale people!

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