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In order to build up your Page Rank status and rank better for keywords you are attacking, especially on Google Search, you have several ways to go about doing this. You will want to build links, and build as many links as you possibly can. The objective here is to get quality links with the proper anchor text associated with it.

You can’t just go about posting these links on various websites and forums though. You need to hunt down the most relevant websites you can and post them there. Using none other than Google Search for your keywords, you will want to attempt to get your links on as many of those top pages as possible.

If it is a forum, all the better for you because this means you can put the link in your signature. If you stay active at those forums, you can start to build your post count. If Google Search Bots come to scan any forum posts that you may have been involved with, they might just track your link back to your website. You now just successfully established a back link which if placed right can be invaluable for your website.

Back links can help you build status up around your webpage. The more links pointing back to your webpage means you will obviously see more traffic on whatever website the links are built for. On top of this, if the webpage you link on back to yours has page rank, you may notice your page rank build as well. While Page Rank has been, considered by some, a poor way to compare your website to others, many agree that it is only beneficial for any webmaster and their website to have. With a higher page rank, you can sell your website for more. You can sell text links and image links for private sales income to allow those people to gain from your Page Rank.

If you want to get some high ranking links, but don’t know how to get them without a lot of money, you have several ways to do this. Ask the webmaster of the website if you can offer him anything else in exchange for a link. Maybe he wants an article written or a logo designed that you can help him with in order to get an otherwise expensive PR link.

Another way to get free links is instead of trading a service for a back link, you can try a link exchange with another website owner in your niche. Many webmasters love this because it is easy to set up and there is no risk if one person pays and the other one doesn’t. There is a problem with this though.

Google bots can sense when you are trading links, and they may penalize you for taking such topics. This is why it is much better to get one way links rather than 2 way links.

There are many more ways you can build links and PR. Try to be as creative as possible to really get noticed.

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