Making Money Online Is All About The Mindset

Thousands of people every day join the online money dream. Thousands also fail. Some survive, and a few go on to fulfill the dream that got them started. The dream of giving up the 9 to 5 rat race. The dream of having time for family. The dream of being your own boss and having all that you need, maybe more. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail comes down to one thing – the mindset. Are you are person who is just going to give it a go and see? Do you believe in yourself and what is possible? Are you willing to take a risk? The money is out there to be made, of that there is no doubt. So how do you make sure you are one of the winners and make money online?

I learned years ago that thoughts are things, and that what the mind can conceive, it will believe. If most of us look at ourselves honestly, it’s hard to see beyond where we are. It has been shown that nearly everyone starting out in internet marketing or almost any online business cannot really see themselves earning beyond what they already make, or what their highest paying job once was. Sure we can dream of being rich and having things we never had, but if we haven’t experienced it our mind won’t believe it as reality. People set themselves goals of making $5,000 a week, or maybe $10,000. The problem is the mind itself doesn’t accept that as being possible. So how can you change that?

The answer is to set yourself smaller goals that your mind is prepared to accept. If your subconscious accepts it, it will happen, (with some work from you of course). I’m sure you have all heard the old adage of “eating an elephant one bite at a time.” The same thing applies to make money online. What will your brain accept right now? Can it accept earning say $6 a day, or $20? or maybe $50? These smaller amounts are easier for your subconscious to accept as a reality than $500 or $2,000 a day!

Settle on an amount your own mind can deal with then start making plans to achieve that. Keep your goal in mind and work out a plan to reach it. Nothing else matters but getting to that goal! Let nothing deter you until you’re there. However long it takes hang in there. Learn from your mistakes and keep on going. Are you going to be one of the thousands who fall by the wayside? NO WAY! There are few better feelings than that first sweet smell of success.

Once you have eaten your first small bite, move on to the next. OK, so you had decided $10 a day was your goal and you are now earning that, time to double it. Now you are working towards making a profit of $20 a day. Hey, $10 was easy, (or maybe not), you’ve learned some things about the online world and now your brain is ready to accept $20 a day as feasible. Keep going, the next bite is just around the corner.

Yes, we can be limited by what we can initially afford to invest in making money online. We can be limited in how much time we can put into whatever online venture we choose to go after. The biggest limitation though, to online success is our own mindset. Be aware of your mind and the tricks it can play on you. Set small goals, and go get that elephant!

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