Make Money with Youtube

This is a pretty simple method that you can use to make money online with Youtube.

1. The first step is to obviously create an account on Youtube.

2. Search for hot new music videos at places like the top 100 Billboard chart.

3. Now you want to find that video online or at Youtube and “rip” it. In most cases this is not illegal and copyright issues will not be a problem.

You can use this free tool to rip the video

4. It’s time to upload your video to Youtube. Make sure you use tags that are popular and searched for often for you video.

5. In the description field of your video the first thing you want to put is the URL to an affiliate offer. So if you are using a music video you probably want a ringtone or music related affiliate offer.

Use a redirect for your affiliate URL so it’s not long and ugly. Having an obvious affiliate URL will dramatically reduce the clicks of your link.

6. Last start using social bookmarking websites to push traffic to your video.

7. Rinse, wash and repeat.

If you think outside the box and get creative there are many other types of videos you can use. Any video that you can drive traffic to or one that will go viral has the potential to make money online.

The more videos you upload the better chance you have of making some serious money. Remember that your affiliate offer needs to be a good match for the niche your video is in so it converts well.

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