Make Money With Your Website

There are tons of different ways to create money from your website. Below I am going to list a few of the most popular ways you can monetize your website to help you get your wheels spinning.

Affiliate Programs – The best thing to do is find an affiliate that meshes with your websites niche. For instance if you have a website about babies you want to find an affiliate that has baby related products.

There are several different routes you can take with affiliate products. You can find all kinds of great affiliate products to promote on your website at…

Commission Junction
CPA Empire
Max Bounty
Share a Sale

When choosing an affiliate make sure you do a background check on the company first. The worst thing that could happen is you build up a nice commission and pay day roles around and there is no check in the mail.

Contextual Ads – This is the most obvious and well know method used to create income from a website.

Google Adsense
Yahoo Publisher Network

You usually need a high traffic website to make any substantial amount of money with contextual advertisers. Another thing to think about is when your website visitor clicks on a contextual Ad they are leaving your website. They may or may not come back.

Build A List – Now this is a method that is not used by many people at all and it’s one of the most profitable. Just image having a list of 10,000.00 people that are all interested in the niche of your website and you can email them any time you would like.

I may write a tutorial on how to build a mega list in the future but the basic idea is to offer a quality product for free. You don’t want to slam your list with spam there is a art to it.

Sell Advertising Space – This is another easy one but you really need a website that has decent traffic.

This was just the top layer of several ways to monetize your website. I will go into further details in future posts.

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