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There are many products that someone can buy on the internet. Some of them can do what they say, why some cannot. How can someone distinguish which product works and which doesn’t work? As usual, the makers of any product would always write positive reviews of their products. I have not seen any product maker website that has negative review of the product. They want to make money by selling their product. With these biased reviews, how can someone choose a good review?

This is where bloggers come to the rescue. A blogger can buy the product, use it and give their unbiased review. This is not difficult because the blogger is just writing about his experience with the product. He needs to write the pros and cons of the product. This would be helpful to many people. If the product is good i.e. it works as described, then the blogger has found a gold mine because he has found an opportunity to make money. He can put his affiliate code in the post so that if people are buying the product, they would buy it from him. Even if he doesn’t put his affilate link, some readers might ask for his link so that they can buy the product from his link. They are doing this to show their gratitude for the unbiased review.

Almost everyone looks for reviews, so that they don’t waste their money buying a worthless or useless product. The best way to utilize this method is to be the first to review the product. When their is no review about a product, and you are the first to have it on your blog, if someone searches for “product review” on any search engine, you would be the first to show on the search engine. Remember that the purpose of a search engine is to show the most relevant information to the user. But don’t lie on the review post. If you haven’t used a product and you write a review about it from reading other bloggers post, your readers would know that you are lying. This is because your post would lack the originality and the user experienced in it.

I don’t see this method of making money ever going obsolete as long as new products are being manufactured and people always wanting to know more about them.

This is a guest post by Dalirin. He loves blogging about how to make money online.

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