Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

For those of you who think you can’t make money online you are dead wrong. I did a test to see how much I could make in one weeks time without spending a dime!

Most of you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. So without further ado (is that spelled right – I don’t think so) my step by step plan of attack.

Step One: I needed to find an affiliate product that was selling well and one that actually provided the claims that it made. So off to Clickbank I went to search through the vast database of affiliate products.

As most of you know when you are an affiliate of a Clickbank product the purchaser is allowed to return the product if they are not happy with it. So I wanted to make sure the product I choose to promote delivered the promised product.

Once I found a product I thought looked good I searched Google to see if there were any positive reviews on it. Now I could have purchased the product to check it out myself but I wanted to make money without spending a single dime out of my pocket.

Step Two: I have chosen the product I am going to promote now I need a method of showing it off. First thing I did was create a free blog at blogger and write an unbiased review of the product even though I had never actually read it.

I basically wrote my review off the other reviews I read online. What I did different was sprinkle in some things that I thought were bad about the product. What this does is make the reader believe that I am only writing a review and not pushing the product on them.

Now of course I am trying to promote the product because I used my affiliate link in the review but it doesn’t look like I am.

Step Three: I write another review of the product but it’s important that this review is different from the review on my blog. I submitted the article to Ezine Articles making sure to include a link to my blog in the resource box.

Step Four: I just want to say before you read step four that this is a method I don’t usually use. But for the sake of not spending any out of pocket money I used this to drive traffic.

I signed up with safelists that are credit based only, this makes a difference. Credit based safelists make the user open and view the email I am sending in order to earn a credit.

The email pitch I wrote for the safelist was ANOTHER review. Once again I didn’t want it to look like every other “sales pitch” email that they see. The link I provided in the email sent the user to my blog not to the product sales page.

I had to earn credits with the safelist in order for my email to be sent out so I spent about an hour opening emails.

Step Five: I went to all the affiliate forums I am a member of and ones that I was not creating a post of my review of the product. Once again being careful not to look like I am “selling” them or spamming.

I didn’t add my affiliate link in the post I created. I put that in my signature along with a link to my blog. Most forums don’t allow affiliate links in the actual post but in your signature you are good to go.

Step Six: Once again this another method I don’t usually use but I did for this experiment.

Next I signed up for a few of the most popular hit exchange programs. I made a splash page for a free report on how to drive traffic to your website. The report was an old PLR product I had gathering dust on my hard drive.

Inside the report I also added a review of the affiliate product I was promoting and a link to my blog. I also gave resell rights away with the report so it could take on a viral effect.

Once again I had to “earn credits” with the traffic exchanges in order for my Ad to appear so I spent about two hours building them up.

Time Spent: I did this over a two day period and invested about 11-12 hours worth of my time. I had to build up my credit a few times with the safelists and traffic exchanges.

Results Over A 7 Day Period: 12 hours worth of work resulted in 812 unique visitors to my blog and 580.00 dollars in affiliate sales. That’s about 48.00 dollars an hour and a great return on 12 hours of easy work.

This is just what was made in 7 days and I expect to see a few more sales here and there for quite some time.

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