Make Money Online – Working From Home – Advantages And Disadvantages

Make Money Online and working from home is not the cakewalk many people envision. While it certainly affords you certain advantages, it has many challenges as well. When someone typically thinks of the person that works from home, they think of slippers, a robe and a cup of coffee. They do not generally see the scheduling conflicts, motivation factors and various other work from home disadvantages. I’m going to help clarify the advantages and disadvantages of work from home employment.

Disadvantages of Work From Home Jobs

The first and most obvious disadvantage is a more complicated tax situation. What was once a one form and done tax season is usually a complicated, multi-form cluster of frustration come tax season. This is why an accountant is a must for work from home job holders.

Another disadvantage of working from home is not having a set schedule. While this will appear on the pros and cons, not having a set schedule can make your time hard to manage. Even if you are able to focus and remain steady on a task, others will inevitably view your time as “flexible” and try to move in. You have to be firm about your schedule not only with yourself but with those that are around you.

Another disadvantage of work from home jobs is that your paycheck and benefits are no longer guaranteed. While a great many work from home jobs are more than sufficient to have security, they are not guaranteed in any way. With a typical job, you work the hours you get the pay. With work from home, you may sometimes work and get nothing, depending on the job and the market for it at that time. Managing your money is even more vital with work from home jobs.

Advantages of Work From Home Jobs

One of the best advantages of work from home jobs is simply the freedom to choose your work. You can literally take the week, month or day off if your job allows with no worries of benefit loss or job loss. You are your own boss and can schedule your work accordingly.

Family flexibility is another great benefit of work from home jobs. Being able to spend time with your family is priceless, and you can adjust your schedule daily when needed. This is a great advantage, but it can quickly become a disadvantage if you are not careful.(see above disadvantages)

Work from home jobs also afford you the chance to work for yourself. When you are running your own business, you are much more inclined to be passionate about it. You will spend plenty of time finding the best solutions, and doing the best work that you are capable of. Taking pride in your work from home business often translates into a very lucrative job.

Whether you are looking for money, extra time with family, or even a steady stream of passive income, work from home jobs are a solid way to get there. Take the time to look into a great work from home job today, if only part time.

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