Make Money Online Without Spending Any Money

There is a way to make money online without having to spend money in the process. Usually to make money online a person has to have a website, sell products, and some marketing. Yet this is not always true for making money online. There are several dot-coms that will pay a person for what they know or who the person knows.

Most of the money made online consists of promoting different info products and internet marketing. There are several options to make money online without having to invest money in the process. These processes don’t require having a website, hard selling, or promotion of products and internet marketing.

The sites listed will pay a person for a wide range of activities the individual provides. One such activity involves helping people find better employment. The sites such as ReferEarns, Zyoin, Who Do You Know For Dough?, Bohire, and WiseStepp connect employers with possible employees. The referral of people to these sites can earn from $50 up to several thousand dollars for the referral. It is a recruiting process that pays off for the individual who is helping someone locate a good job.
Referring different businesses to the following sites Salesconx, InnerSell, and uRefer, will provide a referral fee to the individuals who connect merchants to other merchants.

Write an article of blog post for different sites. Associated Content and Helium will pay for such activities based on the page views. The content of the blogs and articles are the discretion of the writers, yet each place will specify the topics to be written. There are also sites who are seeking part-time bloggers to add content to their sites. They will pay based on a post or it can be a steady arrangement with a contract.

Create a personal blog. A person does not have to have a website in order to create a blog site. has free sites available that only require about five minutes setting up an account and the initial blog posting. Blogger is another blog site that is free to signup for with the same amount of time for the setup. They automate setting up Google AdSense so an individual can make profits by displaying ad content on the sites. People will click the advertisement banners and this generates money for the blog site owner. Increase the sells on the site by adding affiliate programs for books, music, magazines, and other products. This method creates a nice way of generating income.

Advertise the products for different people and businesses on your blog site. Place a simple text or graphic ad on the site including a link to the site. Inside the blog postings, include a review or discussion about the products. Create a dedicated sales page to promote the product. This process generates income without any out of pocket expense to the individuals.

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