Make Money Online With Youtube

Make money online using the video streaming site, Youtube? Is that for real or even possible?

This may be your first reaction upon reading the title of this article. For most of you, you might only know that Youtube is a video streaming site where people from all over the world get to post and share their videos to whomever. So basically, it is where you get to see videos of shows that you might have missed, music videos you need to see, simply all for entertainment and maybe also for information on interesting news that you might also have missed from the previous night’s evening news. But has it ever occurred to you that Youtube can be a medium for you to make money online? Are you curious on how to get started? – Check it out!.

Youtube actually pays money to those who post videos that generate a lot of views. So those amazing videos that generate millions of views actually make money online. First, you have to sign up for a free Youtube account. Remember your username and password, it is very important to log-in. Once you have learned the basics, like how to upload videos, tagging, and marketing them, then you may start uploading and posting different videos. However, you should be careful of copyright issues. If you post a video that is not yours, make sure to acknowledge the respective people who made the videos. If you have a knack for making cool videos, then maybe you can post those videos here for the whole world to see your talent.

Similar to blogging, you should post videos that generate the viewer’s interest. Post videos that are interesting and are not boring. When you have posted a lot of videos and generated a lot of views already, then it’s time to apply to be a partner. Similar to Google Adsense, Youtube reviews your account and looks at your activities like the number frequency of videos and views that your posts have received so far. These factors are evaluated by Youtube before they approve you to become a partner.

So it is suggested that the videos you upload should have already generated views before you apply to be a partner to ensure maximum probability of getting approved. When Youtube approves you to become a partner, then you get to receive commission from the ads that are placed on your videos. It is somewhat similar to blogging, so if someone clicks on an ad that you placed on the side of your video, then you earn money for that. That’s why it is really important to post videos that are interesting for people to watch.

A lot of young adults and techie youth kids have already been successful in making money online using Youtube. All you need is a computer with internet connection and some extra time on the side to post, upload, and promote these videos. There are a lot of people that have greatly benefited by being a Youtube partner, so there is no reason for you not to earn too.

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