Make Money Online With Your Blog And Google Adsense

There are a number of different ways that people can make money online, the first and most obvious way of making money online is to set up a blog along with a Google adsense account. Once you have set up your blog on a site like you need to start adding original content on a regular basis. Some people who have a blog and an Adsense account claim to make a regular, residual income from Google every month.

Setting up an Adsense account is easy; you just go to the Google website and follow the instructions about setting up an account. You will be given a publisher number that needs to go in the right place on your blog. Once you have this account number you then go into the manage ads section and choose the type and style of advertisement that you want on your blog.

The first time you do this the advertisements may take a while to show up, but after that, they appear more quickly. Google says that they try to put advertisements on blogs that are connected to the content that you write. You should treat your blog as a business if you are serious about wanting to make money online.

Once you have your blog set up and have started adding content so that suitable advertisements show up, the next thing you should do is submit your blog to the search engines. If you don’t submit your blog to the search engines then visitors will have trouble finding your blog. If you want to make serious money with your Google account then you have to find ways of attracting traffic to your blog. Some bloggers will tell you that it is important to position your ads in places that catch a visitor’s eye; you only get paid by Google when someone clicks on one of your ads. If you start clicking them yourself then you will be in breach of Google’s terms of service and could find that your account gets banned.

Most bloggers who talk about how to make money online advise that every time you add new content to your blog you should also stumble it and add it to something like News vine or Blogging Zoom. You should also set up an account with feed burner and burn a feed whenever you submit new content as this will make your content available to a larger audience. Feed burner has a widget that you can add to your blog so that people can subscribe to your content.

If you are serious in your attempt to make money online then the next thing that you should do is rewrite every piece of content, give it a different title and submit your articles to one or more of the Ezine directories. When you do this you can also put one or two links in your content and in the bio part that will take people to your blog.

The more traffic you get, the more you stand a chance of making money with your Google Adsense account. Once you have submitted your articles to one or more of the directories, the next thing you should do is submit the articles to All of these things are designed to bring more traffic to your site, which means more potential ad clickers and more money in your Google account. You should also submit articles to sites such as Triond and Ehow as these sites pay a percentage of the ad revenue and for the number of page views that your content gets.

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